hey hey friends πŸ™‹πŸ™‹. How are we doing? I’m happy to be posting here again. I’m really sorry😒😒 I’ve not been consistent with my post. I believe this post will bless you.   So I went to visit a friend. He has this female dog 🐢, I don’t know what I did to the dog […]

EPISODE 3 WITH THERESA ODEY (what worship is not.)

Good day readers and friends. It feels good to come on the platform again to share the truth in Christ that will set us free and also help us be more like Christ.  Back from blogging break which technically means I’m on school break, I present to you episode 3 of “what worship is not” […]

Episode 2 with Michael Umoh

Hey guys!! How are we doing ?? I started a series last Two weeks of what worship is not. Today I’m featuring a friend and brother, (HRD) His Royal Dryness. Plus today is his birthday so I use this opportunity to say happy birthday brother. God bless you. I know you will be blessed by […]

The SERIES!!!!

Hello friends! It has been a long time since I posted anything, I’m sorry but it was deliberate. For reasons. I’m starting a series called “WHAT WORSHIP IS NOT”. I’ll be hosting some other people’s write-ups. On the final day, I’ll post a summary of “WHAT IS WORSHIP?”. Stating just 1 thing that covers as […]


Hello guys!!! It’s the last day of 2015!!! Wow!!! Thank You Father. I just got something for us to crossover with. Today I want to teach us how to make pancakes…first get a frying pan…next..I’m just kidding… I’m sure some already grabbed a pan. Aite!! Down to business! The holy spirit was explaining something to […]

Christmas devotional

Hey guys merry Christmas!!… We commemorate The love of God that was made flesh today. It’s been a while and I’m sorry. Today I’m going to be featuring a friend’s writeup. Not just a friend but a brother, a partner in dryness (I call him your royal dryness) Michael X!!!. Enjoy the writeup article and […]


Hey guys! How are you all doing? Thank you for visiting my blog it’s quite encouraging and thank you for your wonderful comments. There’s room for more This article is focused on a rather controversial issue; “Drinking of alcoholic beverages”. A friend of mine asked me the question, if as Christians we are suppose […]